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Rhodes Ndlovu

Childline KZN

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I'm participating in the Comrades Marathon June 2024 (89Km), and I've out of purpose, dedicated my marathon to raising funds for Childline. Every step I take will be a stride toward making a difference in the lives of these children, together, we can create a safer and more nurturing world for them. Every contribution, no matter the size, will make a meaningful impact. "Your support will not only keep me going during the marathon but, more importantly, it will contribute to the well-being of children who need our help."

R24 650 of R1 000 000

Donations & Messages
 of Good Luck

27 Feb 2024

R3 800.00

In support of the less privileged children - Neha Bhat

Neha Bhat

27 Jan 2024

R1 500.00

Supporting a good cause - Everlyne OWII &Eunice Makau

Everlyne OWII and Eunice Makau

23 Jan 2024

R1 000.00

All the best, Rhodes!

Amira Abdelkhalek

19 Jan 2024

R1 000.00

Such a noble course, keep those feet going!


18 Jan 2024


My running inspiration! Good luck!

Charlie Rose

30 Nov 2023

R1 000.00

Lizzie Rushwaya

30 Nov 2023


Stephen Nasimolo