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Mahesh Narendra Ratanjee

Community Chest Durban & Pietermaritzburg

Personal Message:

I lost my daughter and niece and this drives me to raise charity money for children to help them in their early development program. Helping them at a young age will help them grow into a better future for themselves and for our country.

R50 506 of R60 000

Donations & Messages
 of Good Luck

24 May 2024


Narendra Ramduth

24 May 2024

R1 001.00

To a completion of your fund raising goal and also to a successful completion of Comrades 2024. All the best from the Kala Family.

Raju, Nayna, Amar, Bavika, Mithun, Nishtha

22 May 2024

R18 423.00

Your dedication is phenomenal. Wishing you an enjoyable and wonderfully memorable 85,91km’s!


22 May 2024


All the best and enjoy the up-run.

Malcolm Millar

22 May 2024

R3 001.00

Wishing you all the best in this noble initiative to assist the needy.😊 God’s Blessings are with you, always. 🙏🏻

Shalen Misser

20 May 2024


Wishing you all the best from Vijay Maharaj @ The Rising Sun Newspapers Chatsworth and team


18 May 2024


All the best from Stableride. Keep going.