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Rise Against Hunger

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Can you envision a nightmare where every night, you tuck yourself into bed with a stomach growling in hunger? Where your children gaze up at you, their little bellies swollen from emptiness, deprived of the basic necessity of food. The despair that grips a parent's heart when they find themselves powerless, unable to provide even a simple plate of nourishment to their beloved child. Now, imagine awakening from that nightmare, only to realize with crushing clarity that it wasn't a dream at all. This is the harsh reality faced by countless families struggling with hunger every single day. The pain of empty stomachs knows no bounds, and the hunger pangs echo loudly in the silence of their homes. But amidst this darkness, there is a glimmer of hope—a chance for you to make a difference. With your generous donation, you can provide sustenance to those who need it most. Your support can turn the nightmare of hunger into a dream of abundance and nourishment. Together, let's ensure that no child goes to bed hungry, no parent feels the agony of helplessness, and no family wakes up to the harsh reality of empty cupboards. Your donation, no matter how small, can make a world of difference in the lives of those struggling to put food on the table. Please, join our mission to feed the hungry and bring light to their darkness. Your compassion can turn their nightmares into dreams of hope and fulfillment. Donate today and help build a future where no one has to endure the agony of hunger.

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 of Good Luck

25 May 2024


Flip De Jager

21 May 2024

R2 000.00

Great Initiative Ken!

Rodney Chelladu

09 May 2024


All the best for your run Ken.


07 May 2024


GO Ken! Super proud of you!

Yvette Rautenbach

29 Apr 2024

R1 000.00

Best of luck on your run and top of the class for the fund raising effort.

Team Metier

26 Apr 2024


All the best Ken

James T

22 Apr 2024


Thanks for your support