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Childhood Cancer Foundation (CHOC)

Personal Message:

In a world brimming with challenges, there are those who stand as pillars of hope and resilience. I am not bound by a personal connection to childhood cancer, but by a profound sense of duty to give back to society and support those in need. This is why I choose to run for the Childhood Cancer Foundation. The foundation represents a fight—a good fight—against an adversary that does not discriminate. It’s a fight for the laughter of children that should echo in homes and playgrounds, not be silenced by the sterile walls of hospitals. It’s a fight for the dreams that every child holds, which should be nurtured and not overshadowed by illness. I run because I believe in the power of collective action. Each stride I take is a step towards a future where the term ‘childhood cancer’ is a relic of the past, a battle won through the relentless efforts of communities worldwide. The foundation is not just an organization; it’s a movement—a movement that galvanizes the spirit of generosity and compassion inherent in all of us. By racing for this charity, I am not just a runner; I am a messenger of hope, an advocate for change, and a participant in the greater good. It’s not about personal glory or accolades; it’s about contributing to something larger than oneself. It’s about ensuring that every child has the chance to grow, to play, and to live a life unburdened by disease. This race is not mine alone. It belongs to every volunteer, donor, and supporter of the Childhood Cancer Foundation. Together, we are a force of goodwill, racing towards a finish line marked by triumph and joy. Join me in this endeavor, not for me, but for the countless children whose lives you will touch. Let’s run this race, not as individuals, but as a united front against childhood cancer.

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 of Good Luck

03 May 2024


Well done on this bruv

Anele Madikizela

02 May 2024


Break a leg..or two


12 Apr 2024


Make it happen, champ 🚀


09 Apr 2024


Go crush it uncle Kat


07 Apr 2024

R1 000.00

I believe in you! True lobster can do it!


05 Apr 2024


Epic, KG! Great cause and wishing you all the best.


04 Apr 2024


Go Lobster!