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Jenny Lincoln

Childhood Cancer Foundation (CHOC)

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I want to make a difference and help children. We have a dear friend fighting Cancer at the moment, what he is going through is brutal, he is an adult, going through the treatment. I am so afraid for these children who have to go through the same. They are just children. Please support me, support the CHOC Children.

R40 200 of R35 000

Donations & Messages
 of Good Luck

24 May 2024


All the best on your back to back comrades Georgina!! Thank you for getting us all motivated and involved in this cause! Have a great run!


23 May 2024


Dear Jenny Just Keep "Johnnie Walking"

Greg Allan

22 May 2024


You’ve got this Jenna’s, all the best for your back to back.Great cause👏👏


21 May 2024


All the best, a little something to your good cause.


21 May 2024


All the best for your run. You have a fun way of making a difference Georgina ( Jenny) just stay as you are, a kind supportive, humble caring person, who respects all. Keeping MOOVING Forward.


20 May 2024

R1 125.50

Ethnix Crew got together to support Jenny (aka Georgina) in her charity drive for the CHOC foundation. All the best for your Comrades Run. ETHNIX CREW


20 May 2024


You are always an inspiration to me, thank you for all you do for everyone

Edward & Janine