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Helena Mortlock

SANParks Honorary Rangers

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As South Africans, loving the bush is in our nature (pun intended). The Honorary Rangers do hard, selfless, phenomenal work to help preserve our beautiful wildlife. I would be privileged to run my first Comrades Marathon to raise funds for this cause.

R10 501 of R10 000

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 of Good Luck

15 May 2024


Good luck Hellie We know you can do this ! Many thoughts and much love go with you !

Brian & Jenny Collins

23 Apr 2024


Cheryl Bouman

07 Apr 2024

R1 000.00


29 Mar 2024

R1 001.00

Let’s go

Andy and Morgan Rowley

28 Mar 2024

R1 000.00


18 Mar 2024


Good thing, thank you my dearest niece.


08 Mar 2024


Support our efforts for a harmonious human-wildlife existence and protection

Carolin Guriras